Combination - 5" Double Cup


Save money by purchasing a combination package! This discounted combo option includes a horizontally-mounted Lifter-Brac® wall bracket plus a 5” Double Cup Lifter Tool.  This combination package is our most popular seller

The Lifter-Brac® prominently displays your floor lifter tool so that all operations personnel know exactly where the tool is at all times...especially in case of an emergency.   The Lifter-Brac® is attractively designed and constructed so the lifter tool is suspended and the vacuum cups do not come in contact with any part of the wall bracket.  If the lifter tool is not returned to its proper location on the Lifter-Brac®, its absence is readily recognized and steps should be taken to retrieve it.  Such recognition is also a deterrent to carelessness or possible theft.

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  • This package combines a 5" Double Cup Lifter Tool with a genuine Lifter-Brac® which mounts in the horizontal position.
  • The Lifter-Brac® is constructed with a heavy gauge powder-coated carbon steel, OSHA-compliant red/white diagonal striping, a solid die-cast lifter tool hanger, and reflective decals.
  • The lifter tool consists of two 5” rubber cups and a heavy-duty, die-cast solid aluminum frame.
  • Approx. dimensions (inches):  14 x 8 x 6
  • Approx. weight (pounds):  3.5