Lifter Tool - 4" Double Cup


The floor puller is an essential tool to gain easy access under your raised floor.  Our industry-standard tool comes with two 4” rubber cups mounted on a heavy-duty, solid die-cast aluminum frame with a quick-release bar.

To raise a floor tile, place the lifter tool on top of a smooth, dry, non-porous material in a horizontal position and press down on the top of the handle, forcing the air from beneath the vacuum suction cups.  The cups will compress and create a vacuum seal.  To release the seal, gently lift up on the release trigger with your fingers while the palm of your hand is placed upon the top of the handle.

We recommend your lifter tool be mounted prominently on a Lifter-BracTM so it is easily accessible. The 4” Double Cup Lifter Tool will fit on either the Lifter-BracTM – Vertical (SKU# LB-V) or the Lifter-BracTM – Horizontal (SKU# LB-H).  Purchasing the lifter tool and Lifter-BracTM together as a combination gives you the most cost effective pricing.

Price shown does not include shipping/handling or taxes (if applicable).

  • Specifications:
  • Two 4” rubber cups (which are replaceable with SKU# CR-4)
  • Heavy-duty die-cast solid aluminum frame
  • Approx. dimensions (inches):  10 x 5 x 4¼
  • Approx. weight (pounds):  1.75
  • Maximum recommended lifting capacity (pounds):  50